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How many waste paper do you transport?

We accept from 500 kg and more any paper for recycling. The fleet of WPR Group consists of machines of various carrying capacity. Individual collection conditions should be discussed with the manager.

How much time to wait before the arrival of specialists and when do I get the payment?

Specialists will arrive on the day of treatment at a convenient time for you, weigh paper on the car scales (the service does not apply to cardboard) and immediately make a calculation. Or they will take the paper waste to the collection point, weigh it there and make a payment to your account immediately after determining the weight.

Are there any requirements to the waste paper?

Paper waste should not contain elements of other materials: metal, wood, fabrics, films. It is necessary beforehand to relieve the sheets of paper clips, stickers, tape. You should free archives from files, folders, in which they were stored. Уровень влажности картона и писчей бумаги не должен превышать 10%. Книги следует избавить от обложек. Не принимаем промасленный или набухший от влаги картон. The moisture level of cardboard and writing paper should not exceed 10%. Books should be removed from the covers. We do not take oiled or swollen cardboard.

Is it necessary to pre-sort secondary raw material before the arrival of specialists?

Specialists of our company will sort the waste paper at the reception point. However, preliminary preparations will affect the payment: office paper, separated from folders, files and magazines, books and newspapers, divided into different piles, are valued more expensively. If you scrap various types of secondary raw material, you must divide it into groups.

What do you do next with the secondary raw material?

We carry out primary processing, and then we send raw materials to industrial enterprises for the production of building materials, packaging products, heat-insulating materials, toilet paper and other household items. Due to the reuse of raw materials, fewer trees are cut down and a smaller amount of debris accumulates in landfills, which has a beneficial effect on the environment.

What determines the cost of recycling archival documents?

The cost of the service for the disposal of archives consists of the volume and type of documentation to be disposed of, and if the customer agrees to further processing paper waste, we pay!

How much time does it take to shred the documents?

On average, the destruction of 100 kg of paper using specialized equipment takes two minutes. The exact time of liquidation of the archive depends on its quantity and quality of waste paper.

What is more profitable: to rent equipment for the recycling of documents or to invite specialists for one-time shredding?

It depends on the speed which paper is accumulated in your company with, as well as the safety rules that you have adopted. If the list of documents to be divided into the smallest fractions is extensive (more than 10 tons per week), setting the shredder is a necessary measure. If the records classified are a small part of the total number of paper, it’s enough to invite our specialists for collection and destruction of the archive.

What is more profitable to scrap archival documents for waste paper or to pay archivists for destruction?

Of course, to scrap waste paper. The secondary raw material recycling company will legally and carefully destroy your files, and will not require payment. On the contrary, he will pay you for the sale of waste paper!

Which documents do I get after the utilization?

Recycling certificates confirming that the destruction of the archive under the stamp of secrecy was carried out by professional staff in your presence.

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