Stretch film

We accept transparent film of any density: thin, used for winding goods manually and thick, used in industry with the help of specialized equipment.

Recommendations for the reception: a separate film must be dry and clean; Compressed can contain no more than 10% of debris (food, scotch).

Price per kilogram: up to 25 rubles.

Why should you scrap stretch film for secondary raw material?

A popular packaging material stretch film in huge quantities is accumulated in shopping centers. To free the usable area and legal way to get rid of unnecessary polymer debris it is necessary to pay for its removal and burial. Instead of spending time and money on secondary occupations for your company, you can sell the packaging as a secondary raw material for recycling. The quality of the new film will not be inferior to its analogue in any way, environmental pollution will be halved, and your financial expenses will turn into profit.

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