Archive documentation

We accept whole documents with the expired validity term, which are subject to destruction, as well as trimming of already recycled office paper; factory waste or a outthrows of white lined (MC-2A) or coated paper (MC-1A).

Recommendations for the reception: it is desirable to release the paper from the files and folders where it was stored. This will affect the high cost of the archive. It is necessary to disconnect the paper clips in advance, remove the bookmarks and other stationery. It is necessary to cut out plastic elements (for example, windows on postal envelopes).

Price per kilogram: up to 13 rubles. — archive without folders and files, up to 10 rubles. — archive with files and folders.

Why should you scrap archive for secondary raw material?

The ability to invest the archive for further processing, you need to solve two problems: get rid of unnecessary documents, while earning money for each paper kilogram. And most importantly — in this way, you will make your contribution to the improvement of the situation in the world.

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