Books, magazines, brochures

We accept books from white paper with black and white and color printing (including separate book pages), as well as brochures of white paper, magazines with dull finished art pages pages, art paper magazines.

Recommendations for the reception: pre-release books from covers, roots, from magazines, if possible, remove staples. Make sure that there are no third-party items left between the pages, no stickers, scotch tape and other foreign components. Check that the editions are not burnt, damp, dirty. Also, the cost is affected by the preliminary sorting (in case you hand over a variety of waste paper, it is better to divide the magazines, books and other paper waste into different piles).

Why should you scrap books and magazines for secondary raw material?

Books and magazines that have lost their readability can get a second life. After processing, the publications will serve as raw materials for new literary specimens. Also from the secondary raw material, packaging, roofing and insulation materials, eco-wool, disposable utensils and other household items are manufactured.

Price per kilogram: up to 9 rubles.

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