Cardboard (MS-6B) is a thick paper, which is divided by its purpose:

  • Polygraphic — it produces booklets, covers of notebooks and other paper products.
  • Construction — used for insulation and sound insulation in the premises.
  • Packaging — serves for decoration of gifts and storage of household items.

The lowest level of quality of grade B is waterproof, bituminous, laminated, roofing and cover cardboard. The highest category of cardboard waste are materials only from bleached fibrous materials (MS-6B / 1).

We accept any kind of cardboard, pressed and loose. Shape and size are not important. The source of the cardboard collection is important: due to compliance with sanitary and hygienic norms, it is not possible to take cardboard waste found near hospitals or chemical enterprises, as well as products are already thrown to the dump.

Recommendations for the reception: no dirt, oil. Absence of wet elements (allowed humidity is not more than 10%). If you scrap various types of cardboard waste, do not mix them. Products made from bleached fibrous materials are valued more.

Price per kilogram: up to 5 rubles.

Why should you scrap cardboard for secondary raw material?

The used cardboard becomes a raw material for manufacturing the same cardboard, toilet paper and paper spool for it, kraft paper, insulation and building materials, disposable tableware.

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