Corrugated board

We accept corrugated board (МS-5V), as well as solid sheets of corrugated paper (МS-5B / 1 and МS-5B / 2) and its waste — the upper layers, interlayers.

Corrugated board differs from cardboard with a small mass, price and it has several layers. Used as a packing material. As recyclable corrugated cardboard is valued above other cardboard materials.

Recommendations for reception: the material should be dry and have a minimum of contamination. In the case of a simultaneous scrap of different cardboard, it is better to sort it out by type, which will make the reception process faster, and the price for a secondary raw material higher.

Price per kilogram: up to 7 rubles.

Why should you scrap сorrugated board for secondary raw material?

This material can be processed into new high-quality packaging up to five times. Instead of poisoning the air in the landfill of solid domestic waste, it, again and again, serves as a protective coating for fragile objects, especially during transportation.

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