We accept newspapers of any limitation period, as well as unused newsprint and waste of newspaper printing.

Recommendations for the reception: it is desirable to have no traces of burning, moisture, torn pages — any violations reduce the cost of recycled paper. It is not allowed to have other components among the paper products: forgotten files, stickers and other office items. If you scrap various types of paper waste, it is recommended to separate them into different piles and tie them with ropes. This will simplify the work of the loaders, and entail a greater cost of secondary raw material.

Price per kilogram: up to 10 rubles.

Why should you scrap newspaper for secondary raw material?

Due to a scrap of waste paper for recycling, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of garbage in the landfills (paper waste accounts for 40% of landfills), and also contribute to less cutting down trees (1 ton of paper recycled, rescues up to 18 adult trees). As a result of the reuse of raw materials, we get paper products of not lesser quality with less energy production.

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