Typographical waste

We accept white paper with a black and white print of not more than 20% (MS-7B / 1).

And also waste from color magazines, brochures and posters, including those painted in mass (MS-7B / 2).

Recommendations for the reception: paper waste should not contain lamination elements.

Price per kilogram: up to 9 rubles.

Why should you scrap typographical waste for secondary raw material?

Since any paper is subjected to separation into separate fibers during processing, small fragments of typographical trimming only simplify the process of creating secondary raw material from recycled raw material. Typography as a company specializing in working with different types of paper has a huge amount of high-quality secondary raw material, and, in the case of willingness to cooperate with companies to collect waste paper, makes a significant contribution to the conservation of forests and the reduction of pollution of nature

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