Waste paper collection

WPR Group accepts all types of paper waste from both legal entities and individuals.

Exception: paper and cardboard products that have already been processed (disposable tableware, egg bags), as well as cardboard from food (meat, fish, pizza, etc.).

There are not many requirements for the collection:

  • Absence of third-party components in paper waste (scotch, stickers, staples).
  • Envelopes should be removed from plastic windows and stamps in advance. Absence of laminated elements in printing products.
  • The moisture content of the sheets is not higher than 10%.
  • Absence of dirt, burnt, mischief.
  • Books should be scrapped without covers (separate book pages are also accepted). A scrap of books with covers is also possible, but the payment for such waste paper will be lower because of the need to sort and take out the garbage.
  • It is inadmissible to receive waste paper collected in the vicinity of hospital establishments, chemical plants or found on landfills.

To help our specialists, you can sort out paper waste into separate stacks in advance. This will also speed up the payment process that occurs after weighing. The cost of waste paper is calculated based on the number of kilograms. The transfer of funds is made on the card or in cash, depending on your preferences.

We pay well for waste paper, since we carry out the whole cycle of services independently, without involving intermediaries: we carry out export, organize sorting and industrial pressing of waste paper, we make primary processing.

Our points for waste paper collection are located in Moscow, Krasnodar region, Smolensk region, the Republic of Crimea. You can deliver the waste paper yourself, or negotiate with our managers about the collection of waste paper at a convenient time for you: the variety of cars in our fleet guarantees that we can take away any weight.

You can get acquainted with the price of our company here, and get contacts of our managers here.

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