Archival documents disposal

Work on the destruction of written-off documents, archives, plastic cards and other types of confidential information is carried out in the presence of the customer's representatives or with video shooting with the provision of footage to the Customer

Archives disposal
by MMK Eko

Each company, in the course of its many years of work, faces the problem of storing old accounting documents and archives. They occupy useful space, while remaining a source of information for ill-wishers. Our company, on the basis of the license of Rospotrebnadzor, provides the following services:

  • Determination of the general list of documents to be destroyed;
  • Consultation in the preparation of an act and the inventory of documents with the expiration of their storage;
  • Utilization of ALL archives and accounting documents, made of any materials;
  • Recycling of archival documents of any types;
  • Disposal of expired documents
Our advantages are such elements of work as:

COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY and the agreement on "non-disclosure of information";

Free consultations on all issues;

ANY forms of reports on the work done;

Photo and video shooting with the provision of a video report for thermal destruction;

If you need the disposal of archival documentation or disposal of waste, refer to the feedback form.

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