Removal of waste paper

Realizing the workload of our customers, WPR Group provides a service for collecting waste paper from enterprises and individuals. Depending on the location and volume of paper waste, the collection can be made on a commercial basis or be free of charge. For us, there is no concept of «too much», because there are cars of any capacity in the fleet of WPR Group.

Payment for the surrendered secondary raw material is carried out when assessing its quality and quantity. Quality includes the belonging of paper waste to a certain category of waste paper, as well as its condition. It is important that there are no burnt, wicked, moist (more than 10%) elements. Before submitting an application, you can send our managers a picture of the secondary raw material you collected and ask what value they represent.

The quantity is determined as a result of weighing at the secondary raw material collection point or at the location of the customer.

Upon completion of the appraisal examination, payment is transferred to the settlement account or transferred in cash, depending on the wishes of the customer.

We collect the following types of waste paper:

  • Books, magazines, brochures, newspapers;
  • Writing paper;
  • Cardboard;
  • Сorrugated board;
  • Archival documentation;
  • Typographical waste.

For ease of loading, it is desirable that the waste paper is sorted by types and tied with string. Secondary analysis of the groups will be made on the eve of the departure for processing.

Cooperate with us! We guarantee the efficiency of work, honesty in payment and transparency of all processes.

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