WPR Group arranges a visit to your enterprise for documents shredding with expired validity, or it will provide equipment for self-liquidation of archives.

Depending on the number of documents, we will perform a shredding at your enterprise, ensuring that the process takes a minimum of time and does not distract employees from work. We can also organize the export of documentation for destruction by an industrial shredder.

You can get back some of the money from paying for the shredding service, if you do not just liquidate the documents, but allow paper waste to be used as raw materials for further processing. Removal of waste paper from 500 kg is free of charge.

Why is it better to use the services of professionals?

  • When working with classified documents, you can be sure that no paper is lost and will not be readable.
  • You will receive certificates confirming disposal, which will rule out possible questions about the disappearance of archives in the future.
  • You can benefit the environment by transferring paper waste from shredding to recycling and at the same time to obtain additional profit.

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