Why should you scrap waste paper?

Do you remember how much paper you have crumpled and sent to the bin lately? Let's compare the benefits of two options for using wood. The first option: the tree struggles with the greenhouse effect, processing in the process of photosynthesis carbon dioxide into oxygen - creates and purifies the air. The second option: the tree becomes a paper on which a person during a phone call thoughtlessly draws patterns. It seems that the answer is obvious. By giving away the waste paper for processing, you will save acres of forests, because one ton of paper is 18 adult trees. If every office enterprise, where writing paper is consumed in large quantities, envelopes, magazines, brochures, organizes collection of waste paper, the planet will be planted with trees. The recycling cycle can be repeated many times (up to seven times), while the updated paper will have no less quality than its original version. In addition to saving forests, what is the benefit of recycling waste paper?

  • Reducing the level of air and water pollution. In the production of paper, toxic substances are emitted (hydrochloric acid, methanol, formaldehyde, toluene, chlorine dioxide). Processing requires fewer chemicals, and air pollution is reduced by 74%, water - by 35%.
  • Reducing energy consumption. The creation of products from waste paper, in comparison with the production of paper from cellulose, reduces energy costs as a result of technological processes from 40 to 60%. By the way, three trees that were saved from felling and properly placed around the house, help to reduce the need for air conditioning in hot weather up to 50%, which also saves energy.
  • Utilitarian benefit: freeing up space and bringing in additional business income. Points for the waste paper collection are in all cities of the world, and are open to both individuals and legal entities. WPR Group is also ready for its services. Call us if you share our desire to make the Earth cleaner.
Start to bring public benefit is simple!

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